This nice course is located in one of the most important ecological areas in Europe (The Doñana National Park), and respecting the indigenous vegetation which has been incorporated into the design of the course.
After you have played the 18 holes which make up the round (a wise combination of links-style, American and parkland) you will remember perfectly each and every one of them. The game will keep your interest going all the way round.
The wide variety of situations requires every ounce of the player’s imagination. All of the greens offer several clearly differentiated flag positions, and the tee boxes offer very mobile tee positions. The designer, Fernando Menaya, has achieved a course allows professional players to shine and amateurs of all levels to enjoy themselves immensely.

Golf Dunas de Doñana is the first fully ecological golf course in Spain. Its project has restored a despolied piece of land to turn it into an area of high environmental valude. Due to this intervention, the indigenous vegetation has recovered, and the fauna typical for the National Park, especially birds, have settled once more.